Peace Talks Progress: UNAMA Expresses Hope for Afghan Peace | Peace Talks Progress: UNAMA Expresses Hope for Afghan Peace

Peace Talks Progress: UNAMA Expresses Hope for Afghan Peace

UNAMA Expresses Hope for Afghan Peace


The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has expressed optimism and hope for the progress
achieved in the ongoing peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban. UNAMA, the United Nations
agency responsible for supporting the peace process, has been actively facilitating and mediating discussions
between the conflicting parties, aiming to bring an end to the protracted conflict in Afghanistan.

Significant Steps in the Peace Talks

1. Intra-Afghan Negotiations

The first significant step towards peace was the inauguration of the intra-Afghan negotiations in September
2020. This marked a historic milestone in Afghanistan’s quest for stability and reconciliation. The negotiations
brought together representatives from the Afghan government and the Taliban to discuss key issues, including a
ceasefire, power-sharing, and the formation of an inclusive government.

2. Prisoner Release

Another crucial development was the release of prisoners by both the Afghan government and the Taliban, as part
of confidence-building measures. Under an agreement signed between the United States and the Taliban, the Afghan
government released thousands of Taliban prisoners, while the Taliban released Afghan security forces personnel.

3. Reduction in Violence

The reduction in violence agreement, implemented earlier this year, was seen as a positive step towards a full
ceasefire. During the week-long period, both parties demonstrated a commitment to reducing hostilities, leading
to a decrease in violence across the country. This marked the first time in nearly two decades that Afghans
experienced such a decrease in violence on a nationwide scale.

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The Role of UNAMA

UNAMA has been actively involved in supporting and facilitating the peace process in Afghanistan. The agency
plays a pivotal role in mediating discussions, providing technical assistance, and promoting an inclusive
dialogue. UNAMA’s efforts focus on ensuring that the peace process is inclusive, transparent, and respectful of
human rights.

Importance of Peace Talks

The peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban carry immense significance for Afghanistan and its
people. A comprehensive and durable peace agreement has the potential to end decades of conflict, foster
political stability, and promote social and economic development in the country. It provides an opportunity to
address grievances, promote national unity, and enable Afghans to shape their own future.

Way Forward

Although the peace talks are at a delicate stage, the progress achieved so far instills hope that a negotiated
settlement can be reached. UNAMA, along with other international partners, continues to provide support and
encouragement to the conflicting parties, urging them to seize this historic opportunity and work towards a
peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan.


The ongoing peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban, with the support of UNAMA and other
international partners, represent a significant step towards achieving peace and stability in Afghanistan. The
progress made in the negotiations, including the intra-Afghan dialogue, prisoner releases, and reduction in
violence, provides hope for a brighter future for Afghanistan and its resilient people.